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Electronic Signatures

Creditdiscovery’s electronic signature capability allows clients to obtain a legally binding electronic signature from their customers and prospects. An electronic signature not only saves time by eliminating the need for paperwork to be sent between two or more parties, but it prevents fraud as well. The electronic signature obtained by Creditdiscovery meets standards established by the federal E-sign Act, and state Uniform Electronic Transactions Acts (UETA). Providing an electronic signature is easy. Signers hold the curser in the signature box and "draw" their signature with the mouse.


Signature fraud is a problem many businesses face as they do business online. The digital signature Creditdiscovery obtains cannot be changed. The legally binding electronic signature, combined with the company’s other verification methods (Express Authentication, Bank Account Verification, and Site Scan) protect companies from fraud. Creditdiscovery’s combination of verification and electronic signature techniques is estimated at reducing fraud 7,600 times more effectively than with paper applications.


Signed documents can be kept for up to 30 years within Creditdiscovery’s repository, and can be accessed by authorized individuals via a web browser.


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