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Credit Discovery's Technology

Creditdiscovery's technology performs the following:

  • Initial Credit Underwriting, to assess risk at the time of account boarding.

  • Monthly Credit Re-underwriting, to reassess risk on a monthly basis based on merchant credit fluctuations.

  • Transaction Risk Management, monitoring transaction behavior daily.

  • Internet Website Compliance, on a monthly basis.

  • Settlement Bank Account Status, on a monthly basis.

  • Scheduled Exception Processing, allows ISO Express to throw an Exception and thereby obtain updated financial data from the merchant at scheduled times. The account is then re-underwritten based on the new information.

  • Provides Merchants as well as ISO's Customer Service organization with transaction-level/statement information.


Featured Products


ISOexpress® is a defining step in the new age of electronic originations. This fully featured origination system allows ISO's to complete the full circle of Merchant approval, equipment selection and configuration, and account setup and management, within minutes. Your new Merchants can be up and running fast! Click the link above to learn more.


FinanceExpress® is an extension of the functionality found in ISOexpress®. Not only can FinanceExpress® manage all of your ISO applications, but it can also perform underwriting on a multitude of financial products, including, mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, etc. And because of the way FinanceExpress® acts as a thin client running upon the TotalFinance® Application Framework, it can be run from the loan officer's desk within the bank branch. This means that the underwriting process can be completed on clients in a matter of minutes and the underwriting can be applied in as little as 15 seconds while the client sits across the desk from the loan officer. The result is instant underwriting, and potentially, instant approvals for your clientele

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