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Site Scan

Creditdiscovery's proprietary Site Scan Fraud Prevention Method automatically protects banks and others from web Merchants selling high-risk products or services. Site Scan is an artificial intelligence engine that visits your client's web sites at unannounced intervals and makes a statistical determination as to whether each site is conducting the business that they listed on their merchant application.

Creditdiscovery will notify the bank or processor immediately if Site Scan determines that the client's web site is selling products for which they were not approved. This technique protects banks from fraudulent Merchants, and helps reduce the risk associated with such practices.

Site Scan vs. Site Inspection

The Site Scan should not be confused with the Site Inspection which is a physical inspection of the Merchant's place of business by the sales agent. Although, in many ways the Site Scan amounts to a virtual site inspection of a Merchant doing business over the internet.

Website Restrictions

The following online merchant categories will be detected and restricted by the Creditdiscovery Site Scan process:

      • Check Cashing
      • Escort Services
      • Online Casino
      • Health Club
      • Collection Agency
      • Massage Parlor
      • Infomercial
      • Hair Restoration
      • Fax Services
      • Mortgage Broker
      • Multi-Level-Marketing
      • Securities Broker
      • Talent Agency
      • Theatrical Producers
      • Timeshares
      • Travel Clubs
      • Travel Tours
      • Vitamin Business
      • Air Water Purification
      • Weight Loss Centers
      • Wholesale Clubs
      • Adult Entertainment

Related Info

Creditdiscovery requires Internet Merchants to comply and maintain the following conditions regarding their e-commerce website:

  1. The Merchant's DBA must match that of the advertised DBA on the website.
  2. The Merchant's hours of operation must be posted on the website.
  3. The Merchant's main telephone number, and customer service telephone number, must be posted on the website. Posted telephones must be answered during normal operating hours.
  4. The Merchant's Return, Cancellation, and Refund Policies must be posted on the website and must allow the customer to return goods within 14 days of the transaction with proof-of-purchase.
  5. The Merchant's disclosure about time-to-delivery for all purchases must be posted on the website, and must be within a 14-day period.
  6. The Merchant's Website must have an Information Privacy Policy posted on the website.
  7. The Merchant's Transaction Currency must be posted for each purchasable item and must be clear and concise.
  8. The Products and/or Services provided to customers must be posted on the website, and must be consistent with the products listed on the Merchant Application.
  9. Any page(s) on the Merchant's website that collects personal or transactional information, must be secured via SSL (HTTPS).
  10. The Merchant's website must have a certification posted on the Home Page indicating the Certificate Authority used to provide the SSL Certificate. Posted certification must provide a link to the Certificate Authority's website, confirm the SSL Certificate's authenticity, the Merchant's Legal or DBA Name, and the certificate must be valid, not expired, as well as active.

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