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The TotalFinance® Application Framework.


The TotalFinance® Application Framework is a complex back-end engine that performs extensive application, underwriting and decisioning processes. To date, Creditdiscovery has developed two primary products to run on the TotalFinance® Application Framework. These two products are ISOexpress® and FinanceExpress®.


Together, the two products provide a very diverse set of features and functions servicing many financial products.


However the true beauty of the TotalFinance® Application Framework is that it is able to accomodate additional financial modules to perform custom services on a case-by-case client basis. In other words, whatever your processing need, Creditdiscovery can meet it using custom thin-client modules that plug into the TotalFinance® Application Framework in the same way as ISOexpress® and FinanceExpress®.


The diagram shown below depicts the TotalFinance® framework:



Because all of the power lies in the TotalFinance® framework Creditdiscovery can deliver your custom module in days, sometimes hours, instead of weeks or months.


Please contact sales for more information on this revolutionary new approach to comprehensive underwriting and decisioning. You can reach our sales department by calling (877) 789-4976, or via email at



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