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XML Gateway

Creditdiscovery's software can communicate with any bank's, acquirer's, ISO's, or processor's software because of our proprietary XML interface. This interface makes sending and receiving information between Creditdiscovery and our clients easy, fast and reliable. Your IT personnel won't spend excessive time and money trying to get your existing web environment to communicate with ours. The XML Gateway allows us to interface with your systems in a few days or less.


The XML Gateway can communicate via ODBC, SQL, Flat-file, and other formats as required. It can also schedule events to occur within your environment as needed.


For businesses not using XML, our software can easily interface with Cold Fusion, ASP, and other web-based sites. If we don't have an interface that will communicate with your systems, we will build one without cost to you. Without the XML Gateway, competitors spend up to six months customizing systems. Our interface makes communicating with your systems easy and reliable.


To protect your systems and data, the XML Gateway remains in your facility and under your control. You control all access to your data.


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